take the power back!

intro This post is about gathering information and knowledge, but most of all it is about power. After that very inspirational song you should be pumped and feel like you can take on the world. First you need your sword and most importantly your shield. Of course this is just metaphorical, in the 20th century […]

you have something to hide – and so do i

I bet everyone out there who is security conscious knows the scenario where you are talking with your friends, coworkers, etc about privacy and it turns into this super heated discussion where the positions harden up, up to a point where no further constructive exchange is possible. It all started harmless with some completely random […]

DEFCON 22 – wait whut?

Some may know that the DEF CON is around the corner. This time of the year it is not about an alert state but rather about a hacker conference in the US.  Schedules have been online for quite a while now and there is a massive amount of talks you can and should watch. I […]

…baby steps

Welcome to this incredibly useful blog of knowledge! Being used to hack around on the CLI or use completely different tools it takes some time for me to get used to WordPress and this theme. While the admin panel allows for some changes i am not happy at all with the grade of freedom i get […]