prism break, your alternatives when you think there are none

This week in a lecture at university we were talking about crypto tools and their advantages, disadvantages and of course about snake oil. Most of the stuff is already known to people who are privacy and or security conscious but there was something i did not know about and i think needs more promotion. It […]

do not use bit torrent sync

– for sensible information or if you have something to hide from the bad guys aka surveillance state Some folks over at checked out bit torrent sync and analysed it. Since BTS is not open source this should be considered more like an unofficial audit. Imagine a bunch of guys coming together and trying to […]

everyone is a murderer and a rapist – the dark world of surveillance executives

If you followed the news lately you may have noticed that a number of higher up politicians and people in important surveillance positions have announced that they are concerned about our safety. With the big impact of Snowdens revelations people started to protect themselves with the help of crypto systems. According to officials like FBI […]

pixel 0x09

It is late to post about the pixel since it is almost over but if you happen to be in Vienna right now you still can go to the pixel party. In case you missed what the pixel actually is  – it is the annual conference on computer graphics and animation in Vienna. If you missed […]

eff secure messenger scoreboard

The EFF – you should know them already –  published a list that compared messengers in regards to some criteria that should be important to all of us in 2014. The scoreboard is quite easy to understand just check the categories in the header of the table and scroll down to the messenger you want […]