the humble architect

This week is not about the usual topic, but it is an important one nonetheless. A week ago i was sifting through the internet and found Kickstarter project with a promotion video that had background music that intrigued me. After some looking around i found the name of the song and its artist. With the […]


This week i will talk about a project i started and i will use that to promote open source software. I have a Synology NAS at home that acts as my data graveyard. You may have found it on the site under its name “Prometheus”. I love that machine because i can use it for […]

make love, not bruteforce – the importance of passwords

You just have to love the internet. Warkittehs, Youtube, background noise,  almost unlimited knowledge(makes Alexandria look like the local library) and of course getting hacked. I was just browsing the internet and procrastinating a little bit while my phone and mail program went nuts. A quick glance at the subject tells me “[deus ex machina] Too […]