domain update

I recently bought and I will slowly transition all my sites to that. The current URL should generally still work until 04.2021 but will cease to exist after that. The transition will also probably break a few things. I expect matrix and email to break because some of the configurations need to be […]

a tale of the internet and sensitive information

All the people using LastPass who might have not followed the company blog or Twitter should be aware that there has been a security incident at their data centers. Apparently they detected some suspicious activity within their network. They have written a blog post about what parts of their data has been compromised and what is […]

the passing of time

It has been a while since i have been posting. Looooooads of things happened in the security world. There were sad stories, funny stories and even hilarious stories(Obama and the China backdoors?! chichi). There were a few reasons why i stopped posting. University kinda kept me busy so i had little time, in addition i […]

eye for an eye

 – Charlie Chaplin wolves in sheep’s clothing I am very sorry for what happened in France recently and i am very shocked about the fall out we see now after the this attack on the freedom of speech. What happened is inexcusable not only because human lost their lives but also because the target were the ideals […]


On January the first the documentary CITIZENFOUR by Laura Poitras and others about the revelations of Snowden started in local cinemas in Austria. I had to wait until the 2nd to be able to watch it due to family ties. This post can be considered a review of the movie of some kind and a […]

MITM lawsuit against Snowden documentary

It seems that Edward Snowden is too successful in evading prosecution by the US government. That’s why they decided to MITM him by suing the company and people behind the documentary “CITIZENFOUR”, a movie about him revealing the appalling truth about the US surveillance apparatus. attention, tinfoil hats! This is purely speculative and may sound […]

pixel 0x09

It is late to post about the pixel since it is almost over but if you happen to be in Vienna right now you still can go to the pixel party. In case you missed what the pixel actually is  – it is the annual conference on computer graphics and animation in Vienna. If you missed […]

DEFCON 22 – wait whut?

Some may know that the DEF CON is around the corner. This time of the year it is not about an alert state but rather about a hacker conference in the US.  Schedules have been online for quite a while now and there is a massive amount of talks you can and should watch. I […]