“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear…”

 passw0rds1 once again Once again the topic is passwords. I was just at a local phone store to ask for information. While I had to wait in line I did not stare at my smartphone screen but instead listened to the other people. It was only trivial things until the guy at the counter had […]

clGetContextInfo(&western_world) – a reality contained in the looking glass

This article finally leads back into the amazing world of techno related topics. I started thinking about contexts and how we only see the world through a looking glass a while back but until recently, when I started learning Japanese, I never attributed contexts much importance. I think it is important for everyone to keep in mind […]

want to be a better person? – get a baby!

I apologize in advance for this highly untechnical post but I just have to write about the experience I had because IMO it was highly funny. Yesterday I was walking around in the city to do some errands. I came to a crosswalk that just jumped to red on a very quiet street, so there […]

confidence boost! – how smart people do stupid things

I just finished reviewing papers for work and I have to say that was a very satisfying task. While it is tedious and annoying and you have to read a ton it showed me something very important about life. It gave me confidence in my own abilities. I was reviewing papers on topics that I […]

technology yay, people nay

I had an experience today which made me doubt humans. When you think about it it is a strange ambivalence of behavior that occurs in society. On the one hand social engineering is the new big thing with very promising results. Social engineering is based on trust and on the fact that people assume the […]

the passing of time

It has been a while since i have been posting. Looooooads of things happened in the security world. There were sad stories, funny stories and even hilarious stories(Obama and the China backdoors?! chichi). There were a few reasons why i stopped posting. University kinda kept me busy so i had little time, in addition i […]

…baby steps

Welcome to this incredibly useful blog of knowledge! Being used to hack around on the CLI or use completely different tools it takes some time for me to get used to WordPress and this theme. While the admin panel allows for some changes i am not happy at all with the grade of freedom i get […]