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clGetContextInfo(&western_world) – a reality contained in the looking glass

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This article finally leads back into the amazing world of techno related topics. I started thinking about contexts and how we only see the world through a looking glass a while back but until recently, when I started learning Japanese, I never attributed contexts much importance. I think it is important for everyone to keep in mind that every single one of us is seeing the world through a pair of very biased eyes. This a problem that creates a lot of tension in the world and even at smaller scale between people. Let me give you an example on why context, and keeping in mind that we only see our own reality, is so important.

Reality through the looking glass

In the past I have been fighting a lot with my brother for a brief period of time, it was one or two weeks or so. The problem was that every teensy bit I did, that was not according to my brother’s imagination, would get him upset and angry immediately. At that time I just thought to myself “Dafuq is your problem dude, why are you going crazy over every little detail.”. Later it turned out that were some setbacks in his professional life and that he was constantly worried over that stuff and therefore a little jumpy. I won’t go into details but I think you get where I am going with this. If I had known that he had a rough time I probably would have acted different. More defensive and maybe avoid confrontations in the first place. It would have made everything a lot easier.

from microcosm…

So the first lesson learned for living with other people – empathy. Try to understand why people act the way they do and what their problems might be in their current state and then act according to that. Of course you and your behaviour are affected by your current context as well. However if you have a bad day you still should be try to be nice to everybody. Nonetheless there are a lot people out there who do not have that mindset and just propagate their own bad day to everyone else. It is clear that we are no robots and that we are bound by certain things like our hormone system and physics but still that should not give anyone the right to be a big idiot who annoys everyone around him. I have not been to Japan yet but from what I learned from my Japanese friends, the culture there differs a lot from our “developed” western world. In Japan it seems people think about how they affect others and they try to not be a bother to their peers. In Europe there is a ego centered worldview going on. Fix that! Everyone of you!

…over macrocosm…

This brings me to my second point: western media. I kinda stopped reading most non science or IT news because it somehow makes me sick to see how newspapers and news websites have become profit oriented. I guess thats the product of our success and money oriented society. Every article needs to sell, everything needs to have lurid headlines. It is clear that the media is publishing what the people want to see, but if that is what people want to see then I guess we have already reached our zenith. Articles about how the Chinese economy is going to explode just because their growth started to slow down is so stupid that I can not even describe it. Although the Chinese economy is still booming a lot more than the moldy European economy it is important for the broad society to know that Europe is safe and that we are on the right path. It does not matter that this does not at all reflect reality. People will believe it because it is soothing that the evil Chinese are going down. This pattern occurs all over the media and I think it is a very dangerous way of viewing the world. It empowers the megalomaniac “west good, others bad” view of the world. A very good example can be seen in the Ukraine crisis. Putin is the pure evil and the poor Ukrainians need our help. Someone who, at least tries, to be objective knows that both sides have done bad things and that both are responsible for how the crisis is developing.

…to the abyss

The fact that most western citizens live in a tiny pink bubble is indicated by many believes and attitudes of the people and states in the west. The final point of this post is to show you that the war on terrorism is just a farce. It can not be denied that there are many crazy people out their who use religions and whatever for their extreme and putrid goals but when you think about it, it is not that far off from the way the western world behaves. Having a small terrorism infestation? No problem call a US drone and just massacre the pests. Need cheap clothes? No problem we got the factory in Bangladesh where tiny children’s hands sew very pretty tank tops. Need more power? No problem we just create some terrorists to infuse some fear into the public. Trevor Aaronson has a very good talk about how the war on terrorism is a well played Hollywood show to justify undermining democracy. The media publishes the news on how dangerous foreigners are and that we need to be thankful that the faceless agencies in the US and Europe keep the bad guys out. Not even that, they murder the bad guys because they deserve it, because they are not human! – all through our golden looking glass.

pointing fingers

I am not sure who is to blame here, if it is the fault of our “governments” or the people’s faults? However it is clear that we need to see the world in context. Just because we see things a certain way it does not mean that they truly are. People should realize that so we can work on a brighter future. Most of all they should show the governments that it is not okay to blindly murder people just because someone views them as dangerous or evil. There has been an interesting study to analyse if the US is a democracy. I think you can guess the result. People need to wake up, they need to understand that they live an illusion and most of all they need to take the rudder back and transfer the power back to the public.


Note to myself: write shorter better structured articles

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