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extremists everywhere

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Happy new year to everyone out there! Regardless if you read my blog or not I wish you all the best for 2016. Now around new year the annual same mashup of posts and news is coming in as “A review of <insert topic> in 2016” and “X things to do in 2016 to be a better <insert thing>”. These posts combined with a post about “5 life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan” made me think. The world is full of extremists and extremes. There is no balance. Somehow we seem to forget the middle ground. For example, regarding the refugee crisis in Europe you have two opposing poles. There is the “everyone is welcome” fraction and in contrast to this group there are the “we hate foreigners and they should get out of our country” hillbillies. The media has even coined to new terms for another extreme phenomenon, the “shitstorm” and nowadays you even have the “candy storm”.

This shows the absurdity of the situation. People are appalled and aggravated by everything. There are public outcries because of the tiniest things. Every time you can find the two opposing camps. The problem is if you do not go with the extremists. You get forced into a position where stating your opinion makes you the enemy of both sides. Lets take the refugee crisis in Europe. If you are in the moderate middle it is impossible to state your opinion freely. You feel like you are walking through a minefield because no matter what you say you offend someone. If you say, you think that refugees should be allowed to seek refuge but at the same time there should be some form of control on who is coming and why the person is coming and if necessary they should be deported, you can be sure that you will offend both camps.

Fighting two front lines

The left wing extremists will complain because you are an animal by even suggesting that people should sent back to their home country. They will put a label on you and from that moment on it is not rationale but emotions which is leading the conversation. From there on it is pointless, there is no reasoning with these extremists.

On the other hand you will offend the right wing nazis for thinking that the borders should be open to the pests that come to rob and murder us. And you will end up as one of those left wing people who do not care about the glorious home country we are in.

So can we solve this? I suppose there is no solution. It is a trend that has always been there. The problem is that with the internet as amplifier the extremists have gained more influence. The middle ground has almost vanished and politics and policies are made by extreme idiots. The major disadvantage is that with a missing moderate party to make sane and constructive decisions we look into a future with extreme laws and extreme solutions. Unfortunately thats a future where nobody will be happy because nobody can say what he or she truly thinks. Everyone will have to hide because being different, thinking different will offend someone and you will feel heavy resistance for being different. Maybe it is like Wirth’s Law in computer science but metaphorically applied to freedom. The more freedom we get, the more we limit it ourselves and the more compliant we will be.

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