Ribble CGR SL

After cycling with friends on my previous folding bicycle and seeing how they fly over the streets on their drop bar race bikes I decided it is time for me to upgrade as well. Turns out I wanted a grown-up’s bicycle after all! Although I could do any ride on my folding bicycle, I was […]

improve your health by fighting climate change

Congratulations humanity! You are successfully killing yourself! I read on TechCrunch the other day that the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere has climbed to over 415 PPM for the first time in human history. If you look at the graphs on the website it is difficult to dismiss this as not a big deal. If […]

terakoya @ Tokyo Tech

This week I had the honor to present at a seminar held by professor Suzuki Sakie for her students of mathematics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Although my research area is far from her’s (topology), she asked me to present at the seminar. Professor Suzuki called the seminar terakoya which refers to old Japanese […]